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     TransBlue Aviation was established in 2013 by Skyline General Aviation Group and is currently located at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (KLAL) in Lakeland, Florida. We provide Professional Flight Training services to students of all ages.


About Us


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Here at TransBlue Aviation we offer a variety of flight training programs. To us our training ethos is to not simply train cadets to obtain a license, but develop future Airline and Helicopter captains. In order to achieve this goal, we are continuously investing in the most advanced aircrafts along with the best instructors to teach aspiring pilots.

We have made it our mission to accomplish this task on a daily basis thanks to our highly qualified and dedicated staff. TransBlue Aviation's purpose is to deliver a quality education and produce professional, employable, and accountable pilots. All of our facilities provide the support required to meet the needs of both instructors and students.

TransBlue Aviation welcomes everyone to be a part of our success as we continue to grow and set the highest level in safety, professionalism and producing a world-class standard. To get the best preparation for your career, we are definitely your perfect choice!

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